Mission Statement
To enhance workplace productivity by assessing, addressing, and improving each individual's verbal and written communication skills.

Our Vision
Each client will view our expertise as an invaluable training and development resource. We will provide a customized, continuous, results-oriented commitment to bridging the gap between classroom training and workplace productivity.

Workshops & Courses for Workplace
Professionals include:

Application Letters That Work
First impressions count! And the first impression an applicant makes is with the application/cover letter. Unfortunately, most job applicants are eliminated because of poorly-written, unpersuasive application letters. In this hands-on workshop, participants learn the strategies that help guarantee an interview!

Basic Writing Skills
An invaluable review of how to begin, organize, draft, & proofread workplace documents. Ideal for those who recently entered (or re-entered) the workforce. Equally effective for those who want to break out of a "writing rut."

Business Writing at its Best!
Word processors changed the rules! Now it's time to un-learn the old, & re-learn the new! This workshop emphasizes tips & strategies for writing successful memos, letters, and e-mail messages. Learn how to save time, work, & stress, while gaining professionally-written business documents.

Conflict Prevention & Resolution: Writing & Speaking with Sensitivity
Most Fortune 500 CEO's conclude that TONE is the most serious communications problem among their employees. This course emphasizes the "Trigger Words":

"Snarl Words". . . that evoke resentment and anger;

"Purr Words" . . . that evoke confidence and reassurance Participants learn how to improve their tone, thereby improving the quality of their relationships with colleagues, clients/customers, family, and friends.

Document Design for the Global Marketplace
Design determines if a document is reader-friendly, almost as much as does the page content. In this course, participants learn how to design various workplace documents that attain maximum readability.

E-Mail Messages: Concise, Clear, Correct
The most commonly-used form of workplace communication, e-mail messages often exemplify how to miscommunicate! This workshop emphasizes & clarifies the methods that help to ensure concise, clear, and correct e-mail messages.

Grammar Made Easy

  • "The committee is" or "The committee are"?
  • "My boss and she" or "My boss and her"?
Designed for those who find grammar confusing & frustrating, as well as for those who never learned (or have forgotten) all those rules, this fast-paced workshop makes grammar easy-to-master, easy-to-remember, enjoyable, & rewarding!

Impressive Interviewing Skills: How to Get the Job
Learn everything you'll ever need to know about interviewing: - How to impress recruiters - How much talking is too much (or too little) - How to answer the tough questions . . . and much more! This practical workshop stresses the newest, most-accurate interviewing theories, as well as the application of those theories.

Professional Telephone Skills
Your business could be losing customers because of your staff's unprofessional telephone skills! In this course, participants learn how to respond to difficult questions & irate customers, how to take & transmit accurate messages, and how to establish excellent rapport with callers.

Proposals: The Art of Friendly and Winning Persuasion
The act of writing is only one of many steps required to develop a successful proposal. Omitting a step can cause even a well-written proposal to fail. This performance-centered workshop guides participants through the stages of the proposal process, providing the tools necessary to write a successful--a winning--proposal.

Résumés that Work!
On average, prospective employers spent 12-20 seconds "reading" applicants' résumés. In less than 20 seconds, applicants gain, or lose, an interview! So applicants must be certain they're strategically selecting every word, placing that word meticulously on the page, organizing the information for maximum emphasis, & much more. This workshop clarifies & applies all the "do's" & "don't's" for writing a winning résumé!

Revising & Proofreading: Finding & Eliminating Flaws
Effective, thorough editing/proofreading is possibly the most important step, of the three-step writing process. Many writers fail to edit altogether, or focus on minor flaws only, disregarding major problems. This workshop specifies & clarifies the most efficient, effective, expedient editing/proofreading methods.

Successful Presentations
The NUMBER 1 FEAR of most people is PUBLIC SPEAKING. Yet, as managers can confirm, professionals who speak well advance higher and faster than those who don't. This fast-paced workshop emphasizes the two stages necessary for becoming a successful speaker: the preparation and the performance. (two-day workshop recommended)

Writing for the Technical & Scientific Professions
Becoming a competent scientific & technical writer will sharpen one's ability to think clearly about scientific & technical topics. This, in turn, will help to ensure his or her professional success. Workplace documents are used to illustrate how jargon, lengthy sentences, passive voice, & other barriers can block clear, concise communication.


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